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Feed F06-049 - ACAF Open Meeting 24th April 2006 28 Mar 2006

The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs ACAF is a committee of independent experts which advises on the safety and use of animal feed and feeding practices, with particular emphasis on protecting human health and with reference to new technical developments and new feed materials.

Feed F06-048 - Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2006 - Consultation Commences 27 Mar 2006

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate - VMD has commenced consultation on the draft Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2006 and associated Regulatory Impact Assessment together with the Veterinary Medicines Guidance Notes

Feed F06-047 - Latest Developments on TSE Legislation and Animal By-Products 22 Mar 2006

FEFAC has issued a report on the latest developments on the TSE and Animal By-Products Legislation

Feed F06-046 - TSE Regulations 2006 - Guidance and New Labelling Provision 22 Mar 2006

The Defra guidance note on the TSE Regulations 2006 is available on the BSE website. The new regulations also introduce new labelling provision for feed materials originating from premises where animal proteins are in use.

Feed F06-045 - Fishmeal Information Network FIN Monitor 21 Mar 2006

The Fishmeal Information Network FIN, produce three publications

Feed F06-044 - Animal Feed Section - AIC Website 21 Mar 2006

The links section of the feed page is being extended to cover further links. Suggestions of other useful links are being invited.

Feed F06-043 - Organic Production Regulation - Amendments to Green List 21 Mar 2006

Organic Farming Unit, Defra has issued a letter advising that peas, beans, grass meal, lucerne, lupins (from 1 September 2006) and soya (from 1 June 2006) are to be removed from the Green List.

Feed F06-042 -Iodine - Update 15 Mar 2006

Unfortunately, the further data provided by AIC to the FSA have not been sufficient to persuade the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to change its published Opinion on iodine supplementation of feed, nor to support the maintenance of the 10 mg/kg maximum permitted level (MPL) of iodine in feed for dairy cows. It is expected that the new MPL of 5 mg/kg will be introduced in September 2006.

Feed F06-041 - World Poultry Conference 2006 13 Mar 2006

Agra Europe Weekly have announced that they will be holding their 5th World Poultry 2006 Annual Conference - Succeeding in a Challenging Market on 23rd and 24th May at the Radisson SAS Portman Hotel in London.

Feed F06-040 - Impending Additive Assurance Requirements - UFAS Merchants 06 Mar 2006

UFAS Merchants are reminded that all feed additives (and premixtures containing additives) must be produced and supplied by producers and suppliers who are current members of an appropriate assurance scheme listed within the UFAS Compound Feeds Code of Practice.