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Member Briefings


F18-045 FSA Consultation on retained EU Law for Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene 24 Sep 2018

FSA have issued a consultation with the title: Proposed Approach to Retained EU Law for Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene.

F18-044 FEMAS 2019 Standard Consultation 24 Sep 2018

The draft FEMAS 2019 Standard has been published on the AIC website , along with a summary of the principles behind the proposed changes, and comments are invited before the 13th November to Simon Williams. The FEMAS Review Group has spent the last 18 months discussing the detailed requirements within the FEMAS Standard and redrafting with the aim of making the document more user-friendly whilst maintaining a high level of feed safety.

F18-043 Denial of authorisation of Vitamin B2 produced by Bacillus subtilis KCCM-10445 published in the OJ. 21 Sep 2018

The denial of authorisation of riboflavin (80 %) produced by Bacillus subtilis KCCM-10445 was published in the Official Journal on 20 th September 2018.

F18-042 African Swine Fever confirmed in Belgium 14 Sep 2018

Following on from AIC’s previous member briefing Ref: F18-041 concerning ASF, Belgium’s food safety agency announced yesterday that it had identified ASF in two wild boars carrying the disease around the southern village of Étalle, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. This is the latest development in a worrying trend that has seen an escalation in cases in Europe in recent months. 

F18-041 African swine fever in Eastern Europe 10 Sep 2018

The APHA International Disease Monitoring Service have recently upgraded their risk assessment of the European  outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) from low to medium.

F18-040 Summer Sustainability Newsletter 30 Aug 2018

Please see attached the latest version of the AIC Sustainability Newsletter.

F18-040 Summer Sustainability Newsletter 30 Aug 2018

Please see attached the latest version of the AIC Sustainability Newsletter.

F18-039 AIC Feed and Nutrition Advice for Autumn/Winter 2018/19 28 Aug 2018

A prolonged winter followed by recent drought conditions and high temperatures has resulted in a reduced forage crop. Despite the return of more normal weather conditions in recent weeks, it is considered extremely likely that there will be a significant shortfall in available forage stocks this coming Autumn and Winter.

F18-038 Defra Literature Search – Salmonella control 16 Aug 2018

As part of the Defra funded research project on Salmonella control in chicken broiler production officials have instituted a regular literature search on issues relating to broilers and biosecurity or potential food borne pathogens.

F18-037 A good outcome: New Reference techniques for feedmills now agreed 19 Jul 2018

In order to comply with the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control) ), operators of feedmills will be required to comply with new Best Available Techniques by summer 2023. The AIC Feed Manufacturing Group has ensured that the requirements in the new BAT Reference documents (BREF) are technically feasible and appropriate for the feed sector.