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Member Briefings


Feed F05-110 - FSA Consultation on a Proposed Code of Practice on the Enforcement of Animal Feedingstuffs Legislation in the UK 13 Oct 2005

The FSA has commenced consultation on a draft Code of Practice on the enforcement of animal feedingstuffs legislation in the UK

F05-109 - Avian Influenza 07 Oct 2005

Member Briefing F05-102 provided links to the Defra website: which contains comprehensive information on avian influenza in the quick links. This includes a Question and Answer paper, some key points and a Defra factsheet.

F05-102 - Avian Influenza - Defra Update 12 Sep 2005

Defra has written to interested organisations regarding the recent outbreaks of avian influenza in Russia. A letter has been circulated updating on this issue, outlining the actions officials are taking to help minimise the risk for the UK poultry flock.

F05-096 - Avian Influenza 19 Aug 2005

FEFAC advise that following recent warnings on the possibility of Avian Influenza being carried to Europe via wild birds from Russia, The Netherlands and Germany have adopted a series of national prevention measures on top of the EU import bans for live wild birds and untreated feathers from Russia and other third countries with A.I.. These comprise, among others the obligation for commercial free range flocks, to remain in the barn.