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F05-131 - Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2005 - New Legislation - Further Information 02 Dec 2005

As previously advised, the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2005 have now been signed and can be viewed on the VMD website - S.I. No 2005/2745 (reference Member Briefing F05-116). Further guidance is provided on the labelling changes being introduced for Medicated Premixtures, feedingstuffs containing veterinary medicinal products and feedingstuffs containing specified feed additives. These new requirements come into operation on 1 January 2006.

F05-129 - The New EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005) - Guidance on How to Apply for Approval or Registration 18 Nov 2005

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has now issued its guidance on how to apply for approval or registration under the Food Hygiene Regulation (183/2005). A copy of the guidance documentation is available from the following link:-

F05-130 - The new EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005) - Farmer Guidance 18 Nov 2005

Member Briefing (F05-129) provided a link to the FSA's guidance documentation explaining how feed businesses can apply for approval or registration under the Feed Hygiene Regulation. Livestock farms and arable farms growing and selling crops for feed are also within the scope of the provision of the Regulation.

F05-128 - FSA Stakeholder - Recent EC Developments in Animal Feed 15 Nov 2005

On 11 November, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued an update on recent EC developments on a number of animal feed issues which are its responsibility. The feed industry is invited to note developments and consider consequential action which may be required to ensure feed supplies comply with proposed legislation.

F05-125 - Joint Government and Industry Meetings on Avian Influenza 09 Nov 2005

Please find here a copy of the letter of invitation to a series of joint Government and industry meetings on Avian Influenza. Defra is running these meetings jointly with the Health Protection Agency, the Health and Safety Executive, the State Veterinary Service and the poultry industry. The objectives of these meetings are as follows:

F05-122 - Avian Influenza Defra Guidance Notes 03 Nov 2005

Please find below links for latest guidance notes from Defra

F05-120 - Avian Influenza (AI) 26 Oct 2005

On 21 October, Defra wrote to Stakeholders advising that whilst the risk of an outbreak is increasing it remains low, taking account of the bans on trade in place and the migratory routes through the affected areas.

Feed F05-117 - Feed Deliveries to Livestock Farms - Protocol 20 Oct 2005

AIC has been working on a protocol for the delivery of feedingstuffs to farms, particularly where notifiable disease restrictions, such as for Avian Influenza are in place. A copy of this protocol can be accessed by clicking here. This is an evolving document that could be subject to further revision over the next few weeks.

F05-114 - Avian Influenza - Defra Biosecurity Leaflet 17 Oct 2005

Defra has published a leaflet on its website entitled - Biosecurity and preventing disease: Peace of mind, a healthier flock and a more viable business. A copy of this leaflet is attached for ease of reference.

F05-111 - Avian Influenza & Q & A 14 Oct 2005

You will be fully aware of the news that Avian Influenza (AI) has spread to Turkey and Romania. In order to put these news reports into context and help address any misleading statements, I am attaching (click here) a paper based on the Question and Answer Factsheet from the Defra website together with some input from feed sector committee members.