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Member Briefings


F19-048 ASF Awareness Campaign - Feed Bag Artwork 13 Sep 2019

AIC are engaged with the Defra/AHPA ASF Comms Group who have recently launched an ASF awareness campaign which aims to safeguard the UK’s pork and pig industries by targeting anyone who has the potential to introduce African Swine Fever to the UK. It includes a new poster campaign, which has been introduced to UK airports and ports throughout the summer and autumn, to raise awareness of the disease and the risks of bringing back contaminated products.


Following the very successful annual Golf Day events run over recent years, the AIC Fertiliser Sector Executive Committee have discussed the idea of developing the event to provide a more inclusive opportunity for non-golfers to participate. With that in mind it has been suggested that we run an “Activity” option on the same day alongside the Golf event .

G19-046 Headline messages on Farming achieving Net Zero 11 Sep 2019

AIC attended the press briefing yesterday launching the NFU report Achieving Net Zero . The event was successful in beginning to better articulate to a more interested external audience (post the UK’s net zero mandate) the commitments made by the Agriculture Industry GHG Action Plans (10 years ago).

F19-047 Important New Information: FSA Update on EU exit requirements 10 Sep 2019

FSA have provided an update today, attached, which contains important new information.

BR19-023 Brexit timetable - as it currently stands! 10 Sep 2019

With the prorogation of Parliament now having taken place (which it always does at this time of year but not for so long and, certainly, in less interesting times!) it is worth trying to set out what “should” be the dates to be aware of over the next few weeks: | Tuesday 10 th September: Parliament no longer sitting – ahead of party conference season and new Queen’s Speech.  Much of the legislation going through the parliamentary process, including the Trade and Agriculture Bills, is unlikely to be carried over into the next Parliament and will therefore need to be re-presented or submitted afresh after 14 th October.  The same would apply to the draft Environment Bill which had yet to be debated.

BR19-022 Recap of the Week – non-political items 06 Sep 2019

AIC has been involved in a number of meetings over the past week concerning different aspects of Brexit planning and which can be summarised below.

G19-045 New UK wide packaging recycling system – under consideration 05 Sep 2019

Government has indicated that it will press ahead with introducing Extended Producer Responsibilities for waste packaging by 2023, more closely reflecting the actual costs of managing recycling within the UK as oppose to offshore.

BR19-021 Business Association Grants for Brexit Preparedness 04 Sep 2019

The Government has announced an amount of funding directed towards business organisations and trade bodies – not individual businesses.

CP19-030 Water Quality Project - AIC and Water Company collaboration to share information with advisers 04 Sep 2019

AIC has been working with some of the major UK water companies to provide insight into the issues facing drinking water quality. The project aims to give agronomists and advisers a better understanding of the issues impacting water quality in catchments where they provide advice to farmers and growers.

G19-044 AIC Renewable Energy Directive Renewal - Update 04 Sep 2019

TASCC and UFAS participants who are audited to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) scheme, may be aware that the AIC approval with the European Commission (EC) ends on the 17th September 2019. To that end, AIC have been working over the past 18 months on the renewal, submitting a number of drafts and redrafts to the EU's technical contractor before a final version was formally submitted to the EC on the 17th June 2019.