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Member Briefings


G19-071 AHDB Early Planting Survey Published 26 Nov 2019

AHDB has published its early bird planting survey which uses a number of sources to determine grower plantings and planting intentions for the following harvest.  The survey is later this year than normal because of the poor autumn weather conditions but still contains a higher degree of intentions and assumptions than would normally be the case.

G19-069 AIC TASCC Vehicle Inventory Use – new requirements 25 Nov 2019

As you will be aware, TASCC participants must maintain an up to date inventory of TASCC and Non-TASCC vehicles owned or operated, hired or leased either via a paper copy, electronic or the AIC Vehicle Inventory portal. FEMAS already requires participants to input vehicle details into the portal and UFAS participants will also be required to do so from 2020.

G19-067 Deadline approaches for new rules for Red Tractor Combinable Crops and Sugar Beet Members 22 Nov 2019

Red Tractor has released the attached information to their members in relation to their new rules affecting businesses who have contract farming arrangements. It is encouraged that AIC members send this information to their farm customers.

G19-068 AHDB weather information tool 22 Nov 2019

Whilst primarily for agronomists, all members may find the newly updated weather section of the AHDB website to be a helpful tool for business planning.

S19-021 Market requirement for spring oat derogation 21 Nov 2019

AIC has been approached by a number of companies about a need for a derogation on spring oat germination. In order to do so we need more clarity on the current situation and expected market size.

G19-066 Non Business Days: Christmas & New Year 2019 20 Nov 2019

AIC is empowered in all AIC Contracts to declare, where necessary, additional non-business days other than Saturdays, Sundays and officially recognised UK national holidays, for the purpose of passing notices and claims. This does not affect deliveries.

S19-020 Market requirement for spring bean derogation 15 Nov 2019

AIC has been approached about applying for a spring bean derogation on germination again. Before we cna do that we need more clarity on the current situation and expected market size.

GM19-018 New erucic acid limit comes into force 28th November 2019 15 Nov 2019

As detailed in GM19-014 in June 2019 the Standing Committee on Novel Food and Toxicological safety voted through long discussed new erucic acid limits in certain foods. The legislative process of bringing these new levels into law then began.

CP19-033 AHDB seeks sector Board members 14 Nov 2019

AHDB is seeking sector board members for a number of committees.

F19-064 Invitation for nominations for younger representative to join AIC Feed Excecutive Committee 13 Nov 2019

At the last Feed Executive Committee meeting the Committee agreed that it would be valuable to have the views and ideas of a younger representative on the Feed Executive.