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Member Briefings


Feed F06-017 - Dioxins in Pig Fat (Lard) - RASFF Alert Notification by Dutch Authorities - Update 01 Feb 2006

The European Commission informed FEFAC that the Belgian Food Safety Agency confirmed non-purified - hydrochloric acid as the source of the dioxin contamination of Pig fat delivered by PB Gelatins to 1 manufacturer in The Netherlands and 4 manufacturers in Belgium.

Feed F06-018 - The Feeding Stuffs and the Feeding Stuffs (Sampling and Analysis) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 01 Feb 2006

Further to Member Briefing F05-100, the FSA advises that The Feeding Stuffs and the Feeding Stuffs (Sampling and Analysis) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2006 (S.I. 2006 No. 113) have now been published. This legislation will come into force on 16 February. Separate but parallel regulations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are also being introduced.

Seed S06-003 - Mr Ken Pearce 29 Jan 2006

We have been informed by one of our members of the death of Mr Ken Pearce, formerly of Dalgety International and responsible for the Seed and Pulse Desk. Ken specialised in the import of grass seed from the southern hemisphere, particularly New Zealand. He retired from Dalgety International in the mid-1980's

S06-001 - Unlisted Varieties - Test and Trials 29 Jan 2006

Defra is currently consulting on rules for the marketing of unlisted varieties for test and trials purposes. The ability to market varieties which are not finally listed has always existed. The rules now however have been largely harmonised at EU level and need to be implemented.

S06-002 - NL and PBR Fees Revision 29 Jan 2006

Defra is consulting on revised fees for National Listing and Plant Breeders' Rights, effective from 1st April 2006. Because of changes, particularly the licensing of VCU trials work to industry, it is not proposed that there should be a standard increase in the fees and the overall level of fee income is therefore intended to be unchanged.

Grain and Merchanting GM06-003 - Feed Hygiene - Registration update 26 Jan 2006

Further to the information circulated in GM06-001, we have pressed for additional guidance from FSA on the need for companies to register under feed hygiene legislation. Our concern was heightened when it appeared that the advice given to us by FSA officials appeared to differ from that they had given in written guidance.

Feed F06-016 - FSA Survey of Maize Samples for BT10 26 Jan 2006

On 26 January, the FSA published the results of tests on samples of imported maize for the presence of the unauthorised genetically modified (GM) Bt10. A total of 190 tests were carried out on 19 consignments of maize from various locations in the UK during four weeks in September/October 2005. This work was done in addition to testing that has already been carried out by local authorities. No samples were found to contain Bt10.

Feed F06-015 - Dioxins in Pig Fat Lard - RASSF Alert Notification by Dutch Authorities 26 Jan 2006

FEFAC has advised that the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed RASFF services of the European Commission confirmed that they have received on 25 January 2006 an alert notification from the Dutch authorities informing Member States about exceeding Dioxin levels in pig fat delivered in November 2005 to one Dutch feed compounder by a Belgian supplier. According to the European Commission it is a very unusual contamination pattern as no PCB were present in the sample taken on 15 December 2005. Officials did not exclude analytical errors at this stage but are waiting for follow-up information from the Belgian Food Safety Agency AFSCA.

Feed F06-014 - Sales of Antimicrobial Products Authorised For Use As Veterinary Medicines in the UK - 2005 Report 26 Jan 2006

The VMD has published the 2005 report on Sales of Antimicrobial Products Authorised for Use As Veterinary Medicines, Antiprotozoals, Antifungals, Growth Promoters and Coccidiostats in the UK.

General G06-010 - Registration of Premises using Milk and Milk Products as Animal Feed 24 Jan 2006

Legislation being introduced under the Animal By-Products Regulation (No. 1774/2002) requires the registration of all premises that handle milk and milk based products that will be fed to all farmed animals. This registration requirement, being introduced through Regulation 79/2005, will enable effective tracing in the event of an outbreak of an animal disease, such as FMD.