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Member Briefings


General G05-005 - Oxford Farming Conference 17 Jan 2005

Some interesting and useful points selected from the 2005 Oxford Farming Conference programme Day 1 only

General G05-004 - WTO - Discussion Update 14 Jan 2005

WTO discussions relating to the Doha Development Agenda appear to still be at the discussions about discussions stage.

General G05-003 - Distributor Meetings on Changes to Legislation Affecting the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations - COMAH and CHIP3 11 Jan 2005

The AIC in association BASIS have arranged a series of meetings across the United Kingdom to update distributors on the changes to the above regulations.

General G05-002 - The Feeding Stuffs Regulations 2004 05 Jan 2005

Safety Requirements for Feed for Food-Producing Animals

General G05-001 - AIC Membership List on Website 04 Jan 2005

I am pleased to announce that there is now a list of members on our website.