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Member Briefings


G05-120 - Agricultural Waste - Guidance and Assistance 07 Dec 2005

With Government maintaining that it is still on course to bring regulatory controls on agricultural waste into force in early 2006

G05-119 - The Feed Hygiene Regulation 183-2005 - Model Application Document 06 Dec 2005

The publication of the guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency FSA which explains how feed businesses can apply for approval or registration under the Feed Hygiene Regulation was reported in Member Briefing G05-111.

F05-131 - Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2005 - New Legislation - Further Information 02 Dec 2005

As previously advised, the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2005 have now been signed and can be viewed on the VMD website - S.I. No 2005/2745 (reference Member Briefing F05-116). Further guidance is provided on the labelling changes being introduced for Medicated Premixtures, feedingstuffs containing veterinary medicinal products and feedingstuffs containing specified feed additives. These new requirements come into operation on 1 January 2006.

General G05-117- Age discrimination - proposed regulations 30 Nov 2005

Legislation against age discrimination is due to come into force in October 2006 - when age will join gender, race and disability as a criterion for employment and training that has to be justified by employers.

G05-118 - Barley Identification Courses 30 Nov 2005

For many years, AIC and its predecessor association, UKASTA have held Barley Identification Courses for members.

G05-116 - EU 25 Reach Political Agreement on the Sugar Reform 25 Nov 2005

Members wishing to be informed of the political negotiations on the sugar reform, will be interested to know that yesterday EU25 reached a certain consensus

Plant Health PH05-023 - NAAC Directory of Contractors Updated Booklet 25 Nov 2005

The 2006 version of the NAAC Directory of Contractors is now available.

G05-115 - Non-Business Days Christmas and New Year 23 Nov 2005

AIC is empowered in all AIC Contracts to declare, where necessary, additional non-business days other than Saturdays, Sundays and officially recognised UK national holidays, for the purpose of passing notices and claims.

G05-114 - Energy Costs Workshop 22 Nov 2005

AIC would like to draw your attention to a further Energy Markets Workshop which will be held in London on 24th January 2006.

G05-113 - Levy Bodies - Review Report 22 Nov 2005

The Radcliffe report reviewing agricultural levy bodies was published and presented to industry at a meeting on 11th November, chaired by Lord Bach and attended by AIC.