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Member Briefings


G06-010 - Barley Identification Courses 01 Feb 2005

The popular Barley Identification courses provided annually for members of AIC and the Maltsters Association of Great Britain by NIAB will be held in 2005 on the above dates.

G05-109 - Agricultural Waste - Updates and Consultation 27 Jan 2005

Further to circular G04-101 which outlined the launch of the governments consultation on bringing agricultural waste under legislative control, this circular seeks members views on AICs response to the consultation.

G05-108 - Health and Safety - Bogus Registration and Payment Demand 21 Jan 2005

A member company has passed us a letter purporting to be from the Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division.

General G05-007 - EU General Food Law Regulation 178-2002 19 Jan 2005

This Regulation came into force on 21 February 2002, although certain key provisions applied only from 1 January 2005.

General G05-006 - Working Time Rules for Drivers - a Sigh of Relief 18 Jan 2005

Industry breathed a sigh of relief when the draft regulations designed to give effect to the Working Time Directive for mobile workers were released in November after months of uncertainty and delay.

General G05-005 - Oxford Farming Conference 17 Jan 2005

Some interesting and useful points selected from the 2005 Oxford Farming Conference programme Day 1 only

General G05-004 - WTO - Discussion Update 14 Jan 2005

WTO discussions relating to the Doha Development Agenda appear to still be at the discussions about discussions stage.

General G05-003 - Distributor Meetings on Changes to Legislation Affecting the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations - COMAH and CHIP3 11 Jan 2005

The AIC in association BASIS have arranged a series of meetings across the United Kingdom to update distributors on the changes to the above regulations.

General G05-002 - The Feeding Stuffs Regulations 2004 05 Jan 2005

Safety Requirements for Feed for Food-Producing Animals

General G05-001 - AIC Membership List on Website 04 Jan 2005

I am pleased to announce that there is now a list of members on our website.