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Member Briefings


General G06-069 - Example FIAS Assessment Costing 31 May 2006

The following information regarding FIAS (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme) assessment costs has been put together as a guide for FIAS participants

Grain and Merchanting GM06-017 - Mycotoxins - Guidance for Growers 26 May 2006

AIC has received a number of queries from Members in terms of information which they can provide to growers relating to the farmer obligations under the new mycotoxin legislation for cereals intended for the food industry.

Feed F06-070 - Avian Influenza - Norfolk - Restriction Zones Lifted 26 May 2006

The Declarations establishing Restriction Zones in Norfolk were revoked on 26 May 2006, reference Member Briefing F06-063.

Feed F06-071 - Percentage Ingredient Declaration - the Feeding Stuffs - England, Amendment - Regulations 2006 26 May 2006

Following the ECJ ruling in December, the FSA is in the process of amending the Feeding Stuffs Regulations 2005 to reflect the requirement for percentage ingredient declaration reference Member Briefing F06-050. Separate but parallel consultations are taking place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

General G06-066 - AIC Contracts Changes 25 May 2006

Members were advised in Member Briefing GO6-058 dated 28 April that most AIC Contracts would be revised to reflect the decision to remove reference to the joint NFU,NFUS,UKASTA Arbitration Rules, which have been abandoned.

Grain and Merchanting GM06-016 -Involvement Opportunity in Grain Storage LINK Project 25 May 2006

AIC is involved, alongside others within the cereal chain, in an important LINK funded project which is aimed at Defining best practice for managing risks to safety and quality during food and feed grain storage.

Feed F06-069 - ACAF Open Meeting - 4th July 2006 - Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool 24 May 2006

The next meeting of Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs -ACAF- will take place on 4 July, in open session, at the above location.

General G06-064 - Health and Safety - Food and Drink -Better Backs- Initiative 24 May 2006

AIC is represented on the Health and Safety Executive's Food Manufacture Health and Safety Forum which is involved in an initiative to reduce the incidence rate of back-related injuries and time lost in the food and drink industries.

General G06-065 - Health and Safety - New -Worker Involvement- Website 24 May 2006

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a new -worker involvement- website providing new resources for employers to help them involve workers in health and safety management.

Seed S06-010 - 50kg Seed Bags 23 May 2006

In 2003 AIC and HSE reached an agreement on the phasing out of 50kg bags within the agricultural seed industry. This followed many years of discussion and a determination from HSE to find ways of minimising back and other musculo-skeletal injuries within agriculture.