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G20-068 FIAS Update - Spring 2020 edition 12 May 2020

The latest edition of the FIAS Update is now available and attached to this briefing.

F20-022 Extension to 'Climate Change Agreements' for feed mills and proposed new energy target 07 May 2020

The Government (BEIS) is extending the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme. This is a welcome decision due to the financial discounts available to the feed sector for meeting the required energy targets.

F20-023 Updated FEMAS Distilling & Malting Sector Notes published 07 May 2020

A revised version of the FEMAS Distiliing and Malting Sector notes has been published, and can downloaded from the AIC website here .

SC20-014 Covid-19 Update - Scotland 07 May 2020

There have been a number of updates and announcements made by the Scottish Government with regard to the on going response to the covid-19 crisis. Further announcements on possible easing of the lockdown and possible timetables for any such changes are expected in the near future.

BR20-008 Trade negotiations - restart 07 May 2020

Trade Summary Update | After an enforced hiatus caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, trade negotiations are gradually picking-up speed again.

GM20-005 May 2020 update on status of European Commission discussions on contaminants 06 May 2020

Due to the impact of coronavirus the timetable for moving forwards with changes to contaminants legislation has been delayed. It was noted in GM19-017 there was to be a targeted stakeholder consultation in March on DON and T2-HT2 levels, followed by the Commission Mycotoxin Forum around May.

CP20-017 Mancozeb review process 05 May 2020

Mancozeb is currently undergoing renewal of approval in the EU. The renewal process was expected to be completed in 2018, however it has been delayed for a number of reasons; a change of rapporteur member state, the introduction of new criteria for endocrine disruptors in 2018 (which the active had to be assessed against) as well as questions raised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) during the assessment which the Mancozeb Task Force (MTF) has, and is, working to address.

G20-064 New website for sourcing PPE 04 May 2020

Free to join and free to use, the PPE Exchange is supported by the CBI and allows organisations to register their urgent PPE requirements on a national database where it can be matched with suppliers looking for buyers.

F20-021 Increase in Group B Salmonella isolations reported 01 May 2020

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have contacted AIC in relation to a large increase in isolations of Group B Salmonella on poultry farms in Great Britain. Because Group B salmonellae include the regulated serotypes Salmonella Typhimurium and monophasic Typhimurium, this identification leads to restrictions on eggs and delays in birds being sent to slaughter until serotyping is complete.

CP20-015 Plant Protection Product expiry dates as of 30 April 2020 30 Apr 2020