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Subscriber Membership

AIC welcomes new Subscriber Members

To satisfy the criteria for Subscriber Membership, applicants must be traders in, manufacturers, processors, distributors, brokers or agents of grain, pulse, protein & oilseed crops, forage additives, seeds, feedingstuffs, fertilisers, agricultural or horticultural chemicals or other goods or services used in agriculture. The applicant must have been trading for more than two years and have a turnover / value of goods traded in the categories above of less than £250,000 per annum.

Subscription rates are negotiated on an individual basis.

Subscriber Membership entitles the member to as much or as little information from AIC as is required. Subscriber Members have no voting rights and cannot sit on AIC Committees. However, they can participate in local activities, including Area meetings. Subscriber Members cannot display the AIC logo until they accede to Full Membership.

For further information and a Membership pack (including application form and costs) please contact the Membership Services Manager, Tracy Smith.