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AIC Journal

AIC Journal Quarter 2 Summer 2020

1239kb PDF

- The uncertain landscape
- Getting back on track after lockdown
- Coronavirus
- Auditing goes remote

AIC Journal Quarter 1 Spring 2020

1610kb PDF

- Make sure your voice is heard
- The Political landscape
- Looking forward with a sense of clear intent
- Fertiliser Tariff proposals- Trade Priorities for the Feed Sector

AIC Journal Quarter 4 Winter 2019

982kb PDF

- Agribusiness 2020: new horizons for the UK agri-food supply chain
- The Political landscape - An update from AIC CEO Robert Sheasby
- AIC Manifesto for incoming Government
- Annual Fertiliser Dinner

AIC Journal Quarter 3 Autumn 2019

911kb PDF

4 FACTS progress
4 Brexit uncertainty for fertilisers
5 BBC Countryfile focus on former foodstuffs
6 Educating officials on mycotoxins
6 ‘ No Deal’ threatens seed sector
7 Uncertainty is the only certainty now
8 AIC visits Institute for Global Food Security
8 Meet Sue – the latest recruit

AIC Journal Quarter 2 Summer 2019

1266kb PDF

4 Farm-tofood chain discussions on new packaging policies
5 Campaigning on loss of active substances
5 Progress on farm support transition to ELMs
6 Sustainable Soya Initiative gathers momentum
7 Assurance schemes introduce ‘unannounced’ audits
8 Strong line-up for Agribusiness 2020

AIC Journal Quarter 1 Spring 2019

731kb PDF

4 Act now on Carbon Reporting Framework; Update on LEAF Education; New erucic acid levels
5 Avoiding Frenchstyle PPP controls; Forage Analysis Assurance Group; AIC now part of Defra Comms Forum
6 FAR goes on show; Vigilance needed on African Swine Fever
7 Fertiliser Regs post Brexit; UFAS review underway; Lobbying win on ISTA training
8 FEMAS 2019 Standard; Member Matters

AIC Journal Quarter 4 Winter 2018

1087kb PDF

3 Brexit update
4 Full conference report
7 New Policy Manager Scotland
7 FAR Module 4 nears launch
7 Fertiliser dinner
8 UKFFPA progress
8 TASCC contract awarded

AIC Journal Quarter 3 Autumn 2018

809kb PDF

4 Spelling out former foodstuff facts
5 ‘Insider threat’ to fertiliser security
5 Gaining the value of data
6 Brexit challenges for crop varieties
7 IT advances for assurance schemes
8 Membership matters
8 STOP PRESS – Agriculture Bill

AIC Journal Quarter 2 Summer 2018

865kb PDF

4 Helping Defra with ammonia policy
5 BBC takes feed sector seriously
5 FAR Module 4 progress
6 Flagship approach for FACTS
7 Joining forces to preserve glyphosate
8 Assurance seminars prove success

AIC Journal Quarter 1 Spring 2018

2277kb PDF

4 Defra’s 25 year plan for environment
4 AIC before Commons Audit Committee
5 New on-line assessment for on-farm traders
6 FAR Module 4 launches in spring
6 Reducing antibiotics in feed
7 Glyphosate debacle
8 Twin challenges for fertiliser sector

AIC Journal Quarter 4 Winter 2017

764kb PDF

4 Agribusiness 2018 opinions
5 Agribusiness 2018 speakers
7 Regulations, regulations, regulations
8 TASCC codes revisions complete
- AIC/Gafta give Defra trading training

AIC Journal Quarter 3 Autumn 2017

913kb PDF

4 Campaign to improve plant breeding image
- TASCC review progress
5 Showing industry values to Government
- RED scheme update
6 FAR Module 4 nears launch
- UKFFPA looks to raise profile
7 CFE – Autumn update
- Exclusive AN modelling for AIC Members
8 Members Matter
- New UFAS Certification contract
- Meet the new Sector Manager

AIC Journal Quarter 2 Summer 2017

962kb PDF

4 Green light for CFE 2017
Autumn metaldehyde campaign
5 NEW Nutrient Management Guide
Long term sustainability
6 Act on glyphosate now
Traps nearly caught by legislation
AIC refutes Guardian article
7 Highlighting FAR in Scotland
Sustainable soya grows
Insect meal – new protein source?
8 New UFAS certification body
TASCC review under way
Working with Quality Meat Scotland
Agribusiness 2018 – save the date

AIC Journal Quarter 1 Spring 2017

382kb PDF

4 FIAS well placed to aid counter terrorism
5 Improving the ergot knowledge base
6 Parliamentarians break cover on fertilisers
7 AIC day in Luxembourg court
- Latest FAR module launched
8 The battle against avian flu
- Dates for your diary

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2016

2543kb PDF

4 Making the most of AIC Membership
5 Cadmium still contentious
5 Backing new HSE strategy
6 Stewardship and medicated feeds
7 AIC/UKFFPA back BRC module
7 FAR Module 3 launched
8 Agribusiness 2017 – the details

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2016

1993kb PDF

1 Referendum – what’s best for our industry?
2 Showing how agriculture can reduce emissions
3 Campaign for the Farmed Environment commitment for the future
4 NEW AN storage guide
4 Water companies quest for agronomy data
5 Sustainability dominates global feed conference
6 Scottish debate goes on
7 Earned recognition signed in Scotland
8 Members Matter

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2016

1742kb PDF

Page 4 Campaigning for practical fertiliser regulation
Page 5 Proving worth of industry initiatives
Page 6 Grain contracts updated
Page 6 Future of seed treatments?
Page 7 Major revision of assurance schemes
Page 8 Members Matter

AIC Journal Quarter 4 2015

1239kb PDF

Page 4 Agribusiness 2016 report
– Shaping European priorities
– Driving forward AgriTech
– Brazilian opportunity to engage
Page 7 New APP from AIC
Page 8 New Year, New Assurance Codes

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2015

712kb PDF

Page 4 Promising e-Passports
Page 5 Way forward on phosphites
Page 6 Grandfather rights come to an end
Page 7 One-stop shop for nutrient management
Page 8 Fish feed challenge

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2015

1612kb PDF

Page 1 Sharing best practice
Page 2 Proposal on nationalisation of GM crop approvals could create havoc
Page 2 Voluntary Initiative invest for future needs
Page 4 FIAS further recognition
Page 5 New crop nutrient partnership
Page 6 New FACTS options
Page 7 Feed Sector’s new face
Page 8 TASCC and UFAS go RED

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2015

635kb PDF

Page 3 AIC on Oxford podium
Page 4 Medicated feed rules recast
Page 6 EU agricoalition keeps up momentum
Page 7 New farm fertiliser security checklist
Page 8 Diary dates

AIC Journal Quarter 4 Winter 2016

648kb PDF

4 Agribusiness 2017 - Full conference report
6 New Year Resolutions
7 Developing professional standards
7 Seed certification beyond Brexit
8 AIC engages with Scottish Government

AIC Journal Quarter 4 2014

1216kb PDF

Page 2 Healthy Harvest report highlights pesticide concerns
Page 4/5 Agribusiness 2015 report
Page 6 Alert on driver shortages
Page 7 Campaigning for relaxed fertiliser rules
Page 8 New seed sector vision

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2014

1685kb PDF

Page 3 Knowledge exchange
Page 4 Assisting UK grain exports
Page 5 AIC argues for national security
Page 6 Sowing speculation as science
Page 7 AIC Committee commits on palm oil
Page 8 Strong line up for Agribusiness 2015

AIC Journal Scotland Summer 2014

318kb PDF

AIC Scotland activity

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2014

1788kb PDF

Page 3 Healthy harvest and crop protection
Page 4 Sustainability criteria
Page 5 ‘New approach’ to EU fertiliser regulations
Page 6 US recognises FIAS
Page 7 Threats and opportunities
Page 8 Assurance scheme news

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2014

4184kb PDF

Page 3 AIC meets the retailers
Page 4 CFE update
Page 5 Trade for a better market
Page 6 First ESTA certifications
Page 7 Careless talk?
Page 8 Training opportunities

AIC Journal Quarter 4 2013

2428kb PDF

Page 2 A £6m bill for feed compounding? – our experts address the risk
Page 2 Commission approach opens door on legislative change
Page 3 Agronomy workshops and stewardship update
Page 4 Agribusiness 2014 - full coverage of the supply industry conference
Page 6 Bright Crop makes progress
Page 7 Fertiliser sector taking the lead
Page 8 Promoting safe farm deliveries EU seed regulation – a case for change

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2013

920kb PDF

Page 3 Agri-tech Strategy
Page 4 Latest Phosphorus evidence
Page 4 Funding for specialist courses
Page 5 Critical time for feed mills
Page 5 Seeking joined up fertiliser security
Page 6 Targeted metaldehyde use
Page 6 Behind alarming headlines
Page 7 Fracking – a suitable energy?
Page 7 Safe delivery guidance
Page 8 CAP to 2020
Page 8 UFAS Certification move

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2013

400kb PDF

Page 3 FAR exceeds expectations
Page 4 Minister learns about V1
Page 5 West fertiliser explosion
Page 6 Electronic Grain Passport
Page 7 Agri-Tech Strategy
Page 8 Agribusiness 2014

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2013

516kb PDF

Page 3 Bangs from the R&D buck
Page 4 Fertiliser companies in strong place
Page 5 Decision on endocrine disruptors looms
Page 6 Closing in on mycotoxins
Page 7 Making a PVR mark
Page 8 Earned recognition for feed assurance

AIC Journal Scotland Spring 2013

1247kb PDF

AIC Scotland activity

AIC Journal Quarter 4 2012

217kb PDF

Page 4 Agribusiness 2013 report
Page 6 Fertiliser sector – envy of the world
Page 6 FEMAS calculator
Page 7 Agri environment scheme update
Page 8 Fish food progress

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2012

343kb PDF

Page 2 Research affirms AIC value
Page 3 AIC lobbying successin the UK ...and in Europe
Page 4 Feed Sector health & Safety forum
Page 5 What the SUD means
Page 6 Agribusiness 2013

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2012

773kb PDF

Page 1 AIC highlights progress of Greenhouse Gas Action Plan
Page 2 Defra Green Food Project – update
Page 3 Sustainable feed issues
Page 4 New NRoSO course
Page 5 Mycotoxins – is EFSA right?
Page 7 New policy co-ordinator
Page 8 Sustainable soya procurement

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2012

612kb PDF

Page 1 Feed collaboration on PK wards off onerous legislation – again
Page 2 Step up fertiliser security
Page 3 Grassland fertility gets attention
Page 4 RED challenges
Page 6 Why protect water?
Page 7 Fresh thinking on Seed Certification
Page 8 TASCC tour de force

AIC Journal Scotland Summer 2012

127kb PDF

Kevin Mills
AIC's man in Scotland reports on some key topics.

AIC Journal Quarter 4 2011

305kb PDF

Page 1 Seed treatment scheme launched
Page 2 10 years of VI success
Page 3 Secure fertiliser industry is vital
Page 4 Agribusiness 2012 attracts record numbers
Page 7 Current schemes set to deliver GHG target
Page 8 AIC campaigns on antimicrobial resistance

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2011

99kb JPG

Page 2 Environmental Liability Directive may hit AIC members
Page 3 Transparency key to GHGAP progress
Page 4 European round-up
Page 5 Vigilance required on fertiliser security after Oslo bomb
Page 6 FACE keen for dialogue with AIC members
Page 7 Changes to feed ban controls could hit UK industry, warns AIC
Page 8 Big names set to discuss'The BIG issue' at annual conference

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2011

424kb PDF

Page 1 New drive on GHG’s unveiled
Page 2 AIC Scotland launches vision for the future
Page 3 Discussions start on revision of medicated feed legislation
Page 4 Lobbying saves Climate Change Agreements
Page 5 Government lobbying continues on SUD
Page 6 Assurance news round-up
Page 7 CFE poster looks to target action
Page 8 This year’s conference set to tackle 'The Big Issue'

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2011

392kb PDF

Page 2 AIC’s influential role in managing the German dioxin incident
Page 3 AIC secures seat on CAP Reform Stakeholder Group
Page 4 Government’s move to avoid ‘gold plating’ may undermine UK standards
Page 5 REACH-ing for solutions
Page 6 Improved efficiency key to driving down GHG emissions
Page 7 ‘Enhanced recognition' for assurance schemes
Page 8 News in brief

AIC Journal Quarter 4 2010

398kb PDF

Page 2 Fertiliser sector is model for ‘Big Society’
Page 3 Campaigning on CAP reform
Page 7 Seed costs may rise after spending review
Page 8 Meet AIC’s new Chairman

AIC Journal Quarter 3 2010

346kb PDF

Page 2 Time running out for the return of tarmac flooring forms
Page 3 Hauliers have rough ride on load security
Page 4 Climate Change Committee recognises complex challenge ahead for agriculture
Page 5 EU feed delegation’s ‘mission’ to the UK
Page 6 AIC members gain GHS insight
Page 7 Ministers recognise GHG Action Plan is good for business
Page 8 Strong speaker line-up for this year’s conference

AIC Journal Quarter 2 2010

307kb PDF

Page 2 AIC Scotland strengthens link with NFU Scotland
Page 3 Agreement on the storage of AN on tarmac nearly achieved
Page 4 Soil Analysis report to be put to good use by AIC
Page 5 Trust vital in addressing climate change
Page 6 AIC proposal to address traceability of PPPs
Page 7 Police warning to hauliers about deliberately induced road collisions
Page 8 Line-up for Agribusiness 2011 taking shape

AIC Journal Quarter 1 2010

294kb PDF

Page 2 Busy start to year for AIC Scotland
Page 3 AIC wins DfT relaxation on driver’s hours
Page 4 ‘Grandfather rights’ set to end
Page 5 The pace hots up with CFE
Page 6 Joined up auditor training a success
Page 7 18,000 farmers request Tried & Tested planner
Page 8 Taking the AIC website to another level