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Arbitration and Appeal Fees

(Effective from 1st January 2016)

Fees charged by AIC 

First tier arbitration

  • Basic fee £1,300.00
  • Discount for each member of AIC * / NFU / NFUS £ 500.00

Appointment of an arbitrator by AIC

  • At the request of a member of AIC, NFU or NFUS £ 100.00
  • At the request of a non-member of AIC, NFU or NFUS £ 200.00


  • Basic fee £2,500.00
  • Discount for each member of AIC / NFU / NFUS £ 750.00

Recommended fees for Arbitrators and Members of Boards of Appeal

  • For each member of a three person tribunal £150.00 per hour
  • For sole arbitrators £175.00 per hour
  • Members of Boards of Appeal £150.00 per hour

In each case expenses will be charged as incurred

Where the arbitration or appeal is settled, abandoned or withdrawn the Arbitrators / Members of the Appeal Board shall be entitled to a minimum fee of £250.00, or such other greater sum as represents the time spent and expenses incurred up to the date of the formal notification by the Claimant or Appellant party of the settlement or withdrawal.

Where Arbitrators, Boards of Appeal or AIC incur legal and / or other experts’ fees these will be charged at cost in addition to any other expenses.


Where a party is a non-member of AIC, NFU or NFUS they shall be responsible for paying all non-member fees (first tier and appeal) regardless of the outcome of the arbitration / appeal. Arbitrators and members of boards of appeal must ensure that they award accordingly.


All costs, fees and expenses listed above are subject to VAT.

* AIC member for these purposes includes those member companies licensed by AIC to use the current AIC No. 1 contract. 

The above fees apply to all AIC Arbitrations and Appeals claimed and lodged on and after 1st January 2016.

Grain & Pulses Contract 1/16 - Immediate Past Version

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