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AIC produces a wide range of standard form contracts which are available for use by members.  Additionally some of these contracts are made available, under licence, to non-members.  Many of these standard form contracts have a long history of use in the industry and are widely accepted as being the basis for commercial trade in the UK.  All AIC contracts are kept under regular review by the AIC Contracts Committee in conjunction with the appropriate sector.  For a full list of current contracts please access the Contracts section above.

Contracts Guidance

In order to provide assistance with understanding of certain Contract clauses, the AIC Contracts Committee has recently updated its guidance document for users of the No.1 & No.2 Grain Contracts.  Users of these AIC Contracts may find it useful to use this document as part of their in-house contracts training to improve awareness.


Alongside the provision of contracts, AIC also provides an arbitration process which operates under the Arbitration Act 1996.  Arbitration is a long accepted method of dispute resolution and the AIC arbitration process is pre-eminent within the UK agricultural sector.  Under the Arbitration section, which is available to all, you can find contact details of all AIC appointed arbitrators together with the full Arbitration Rules which are approved by the AIC Board.

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