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AIC Stakeholder Reports

AIC has provided the following information in good faith. The views expressed are not those of AIC and are provided to support members developing their own views. AIC cannot accept any liability for any errors in these documents or for the content on any websites to which hyperlinks have been provided. 

Brexit environment and climate change report from The House of Lords

13kb DOCX

The House of Lords European Union Committee has published its report on environmental and climate change regulation post UK exiting the EU. The key points raised in the report are broadly in line with AIC thinking and expectations:

* To maintain existing policy stability during the Brexit process and to identify how to fill, any process or enforcement gaps linked to EU institutions for which there is no equivalent UK process – Chemicals regulations and emissions trading schemes are a case in point, offering an opportunity for positive change

* To continue to cooperate with the EU – on the understanding that the UK is leaving the EU not Europe. Air quality for example will remain a shared issue as it is inter-related with other environmental concerns

* The need for the UK to be able to comply with EU environmental standards or equivalents for trading purposes and to ensure competitiveness

* To ensure that environmental protection does not diminish as a result or leaving the EU.”

The United Kingdoms exit from and partnership with the EU

1624kb PDF

This white paper published on the 2nd February sets out the principles introduced by the Prime Minister to guide EU exit negotiations.

AHDB Horizon Brexit Analysis Plant Protection Products Jan 2017

3332kb PDF

What will happen to Plant Health and Plant Protection Product regulations after Brexit

House of Lords, Brexit: The options for trade:

939kb PDF

5th Report of Session 2016–17
“This report presents the findings of the House of Lords, European Union Committee on the options for trade post Exit of the European Union. The analysis investigates options and implications for various trade arrangements, the timescales and challenges these present for new trade negotiations are explored and recommendations to the Government on the options and priorities in their developing approach to Article 50 and the subsequent negotiations for future trading agreements. “

AHDB Horizon Report - 6-Dec-2016 The impact of Brexit on protected food names

919kb PDF

• Current EU Geographical Indication Protection
• Protected food names and Brexit
• Assessing the impact
• Conclusion
• Appendix

Brexit - Challenges & Opportunities for Northern Ireland Food & Drink

806kb PDF

Sets out NIFDAs recommendations for the challenges and opportunities raised by Brexit.

Food Ethics Council - Brexit food ethics: Trade deals and trade offs

982kb PDF

A report of the Business Forum meeting on Tuesday 22 November 2016

NFUS Beyond Brexit: A future trading framework for Scottish Agriculture

2326kb PDF

“The NFUS views on their priorities for trade, the report presents some UK and Scotland specific analysis which provides some useful insight into the current trade between the EU, UK and Scotland.”