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European Free Trade is vital during Brexit transition – AIC Board: 6 April 2017

Given the complexity surrounding agricultural trade arrangements, the Agricultural Industries Confederation Board, believes a priority in Brexit negotiations is to set the framework to allow a detailed Free Trade Agreement with Europe to be negotiated during a tariff free transition period.


Article 50 must be ‘starting gun’ for dual dialogue – AIC29 March 2017

With Article 50 now triggered, the Agricultural Industries Confederation supports the UK Government’s determination that trade negotiations need to commence alongside the exit debate to avoid jeopardising Britain’s vital food and farming industries.

Agri-Brexit Coalition prepares to play its part for the future of UK food and farming 29 March 2017

With Article 50 now formally triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May, the Agri-Brexit Coalition looks forward to playing an active and informed role in helping Government achieve its objective of the best deal for the UK and the industry to meet opportunities and challenges.

BR17-002 Agri-Brexit Coalition: Uniting voices on agricultural supply, trade, technology and advice 13 Mar 2017

AIC is one of the eight co-founders of the Agri-Brexit Coalition, which comes into being this week and has been created specifically to deal with issues pertinent to AIC Members and others involved in the agrisupply industries and professions.

BR17-001 AIC Brexit Briefing No.4 02 Mar 2017

Our fourth AIC Brexit Briefing reflects on some of the challenges we will face as negotiations for the UK’s Exit of the EU look set to begin.

G17-026 Brexit: environment and climate change report, from The House of Lords 15 Feb 2017

The House of Lords European Union Committee has published its report (with summary) on Brexit: environment and climate change.

G17-019 - International Trade Committee - Inquiry into UK-US trade Relations 2 Feb 2017

The House of Commons International Trade Committee is launching an inquiry into US-UK trade relations, full details can be found on the Parliamentary website.

G17-018 UK Government White Paper on Exiting the EU published today 2 Feb 2017

Following the House of Commons debate on the European Union Bill and subsequent vote on the 1st February, the Government has today published its White Paper “The United Kingdom's exit from and new partnership with the EU”. The document mirrors the 12 principles set out by the Prime Minister in her speech on 17th January as reported in our members brief G17-008. The full details can be seen in the attached document. 

AIC response to Prime minister's speech 17 Jan 2017

AIC warns EU 'divorce without single market access or customs union membership poses huge threat to UK food and agriculture industries.

G17-008 Prime Minister's Brexit speech 17 Jan 2017

Today's long awaited speech by the Prime Minister did little more than confirm the leaks;  the UK will leave both the single market and the Customs Union and the focus will now be on negotiating free trade agreements with both Europe and beyond.