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Latest Briefings

BR19-023 Brexit timetable - as it currently stands!: 10 September 2019

With the prorogation of Parliament now having taken place (which it always does at this time of year but not for so long and, certainly, in less interesting times!) it is worth trying to set out what “should” be the dates to be aware of over the next few weeks: | Tuesday 10 th September: Parliament no longer sitting – ahead of party conference season and new Queen’s Speech.  Much of the legislation going through the parliamentary process, including the Trade and Agriculture Bills, is unlikely to be carried over into the next Parliament and will therefore need to be re-presented or submitted afresh after 14 th October.  The same would apply to the draft Environment Bill which had yet to be debated.

BR19-022 Recap of the Week – non-political items: 6 September 2019

AIC has been involved in a number of meetings over the past week concerning different aspects of Brexit planning and which can be summarised below.

BR19-021 Business Association Grants for Brexit Preparedness: 4 September 2019

The Government has announced an amount of funding directed towards business organisations and trade bodies – not individual businesses.

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