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Latest News and Docs

G17-049 Business Benefits of Pollinators: Campaign for the Farmed Environment Summer Conferences.: 21 June 2017

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment is holding two conferences this summer, The events are free to attend and aim to support integrated pest management, helping advisers to gain a valuable insight into how supporting pollinators and beneficial insects can enhance farm businesses.

CP17-017 HSE confirms its position on the classification of insect monitoring traps: 20 June 2017

Further to member briefing CP17-012, the Health and Safety Executive, HSE, the UK biocides competent authority has confirmed its position on the classification of insect monitoring traps.

F17-026 Suspension of Ethoxyquin as a feed additive: 19 June 2017

The Regulation providing for a suspension of the authorisation of ethoxyquin as an antioxidant in feed was published in the Official Journal on 8 June 2017 and will enter into force on 28 June 2017. Delays have been granted for the use of ethoxyquin in feed materials of marine origin and in preparations of vitamins and carotenoids.