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Latest News and Docs

F19-004 Summary results from AIC-AHDB Contaminants Monitoring Project: 21 January 2019

Attached are the results for fresh samples from the 2018 harvest.

GM19-001 Erucic Acid Update: 17 January 2019

Whilst it has been expected for the last year, the Commission has now confirmed that proposals to revise the maximum level for erucic acid in oil from oilseed rape down to 2% will be on the agenda of the Standing Committee on Novel Foods and Toxicological Safety of the Food Chain for its next meeting on 8 th February.

G19-003 The draft Environment Bill - aims and purpose explained: 17 January 2019

Further to details circulated on 21 st December (G18 077) the team at AIC has read through the provisions of the Draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill which will put into place: | the new internal UK governance procedure for the environment, outside the EU embed environmental considerations into all relevant policy making hold Government today and, in the future, to account to deliver Defra’s 25 Year environment plan - just as the existing Committee on Climate Change does in keeping Government on track to meet its Climate Change Act targets The Bill will not regulate business.