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Member Briefings


F19-061 AIC welcomes latest VARSS Report confirming further reductions in sales of antibiotics for food-producing animals 31 Oct 2019

AIC attended the RUMA conference on Tuesday of this week where the results of the latest VARSS report were released.

F19-062 AHDB notification of Swine Dysentery in Yorkshire 31 Oct 2019

AIC have been made aware of a new notification of a case of Swine Dysentery (Brachyspira hyodysenteriae) on a pig farm in Yorkshire from the AHDB. The notification is reproduced below:

F19-060 Change to UFAS 2020 Launch Timetable 30 Oct 2019

AIC have decided to delay the previously advertised launch timetable for the UFAS 2020 Standard by one month to allow more time to finalise the documents for publication.

BR19-034 Brexit pushed back- again! 29 Oct 2019

With the EU and No.10 confirming yesterday, 28 th October, a further extension to 31 st January 2020 (with possible earlier cut-offs), the previous deadline of 31 st October is now defunct and the UK carries on being a full member of the EU until one of the new deadlines of end November, December or January, kicks in.

G19-064 New look AIC Portal by Kiwa now available 29 Oct 2019

AIC and the Certification Body, Kiwa, have relaunched the AIC Portal.

G19-065 Red Tractor issues derogation to Temporary Storage deadline 29 Oct 2019

Red Tractor have agreed to an extension to the temporary storage deadline. Members are to be aware that it is not a blanket derogation, and depends on the destination of the grain, as detailed below and attached.

G19-063 £22 million awarded to farmers to boost productivity 28 Oct 2019

Herewith a relevant press release from Defra today: | £22 million awarded to 3,677 farmers to spend on time-saving and innovative farm equipment Deadline of midnight 10 November for farmers to accept ahead of ordering their items from suppliers More than 3,600 farmers are set to benefit from £22 million in productivity-boosting equipment from round two of the government’s Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme.

G19-062 Red Tractor PDF Grain passport trial 25 Oct 2019

Members and trade assurance participants are to be made aware of the PDF Passport Trial which is to be conducted by Red Tractor. Further information can be found in the attached document.

G19-060 Status of GTAS Merchants - Change to recognition date 24 Oct 2019

Further to the publication of the updated recognised scheme lists (see G19-055 and G19-56), the date of removal of recognition has been extended.

G19-061 Engaging in developing the National Food Strategy 24 Oct 2019

Thank you to all members who took the time to have a conversation or send comments on AIC's input to the National Food Strategy, England. Hopefully we have pitched the response at the right level now enabling each business to see their part.