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Member Benefits

What can AIC offer your business?

1. Lobbying and representation


AIC members are part of a powerful, unified voice that is recognised and respected by policymakers in the both UK and EU.

Senior AIC staff regularly attend meetings with UK ministers, EU officials and MEPs to discuss key issues and forthcoming legislation, to ensure the views of the Agrisupply industry are heard and any new legislation is a pragmatic solution for the industry. 

2. Information

AIC members benefit from being amongst the first to hear about the latest legislation and regulations affecting their business. Information obtained directly from policy makers is fed back to members in several ways:

  • AIC Members Briefings - These briefings are emailed regularly to members and provide up to date information and guidance on the latest industry issues.
  • Publications - AIC publishes a range of materials including the quarterly Journal, research reports and policy documents. 
  • AIC Website - The AIC website holds a wealth of information some of which is for members only. A logon and password can be obtained for all members from the Membership Services Manager, Tracy Smith.
  • Policy Advice and Guidance - AIC has specialists in all sectors who are available to answer your queries and provide information and advice on policy and adhering to industry standards. See AIC contacts for more information.

3. Networking Opportunities

  • Committee meetings and working groups are held by each sector on a regular basis to discuss the latest industry issues. 
  • Sector dinners and an annual Agribusiness Conference are also organised and all members are welcome to attend.

4. Trade Assurance schemes

AIC manages a comprehensive range of trade assurance schemes that are regularly updated to meet changing requirements in the Feed, Food and Fertiliser sectors.

Click here for Trade Assurance benefits or click on a scheme logo below for more information on that scheme.


All the schemes are operated by independent certification bodies under current accreditation from UKAS (United Kingdom Assurance Service). Membership of these schemes can be separate to, or included with, AIC membership. Contact PAI Ltd for more details about scheme membership.

5. Technical and Business Support

AIC provides help in the areas of contracts and arbitration, employment law, insurance and health and safety.

  • AIC Business Insight - members receive the latest news and information on employment law and health and safety via our dedicated AIC/Croner websiteBusiness Insight magazine and member briefings.
  • AIC Contracts – AIC provides a variety of trading contracts on the AIC website for members to download.
  • Arbitration -–The facilities of arbitration are available to Members of AIC, NFU and NFUS for resolving disputes in the trade.
  • AIC Insurance – AIC has successfully negotiated a number of preferential insurance offers at discounted rate for AIC Members and Trade Assurance Participants. The insurance offers are 'bespoke' for the industry, so cover the specific needs of the agrisupply sector.
  • AIC Training – AIC encourages its members to continually develop their knowledge and skills in order to meet the needs of the industry. AIC has links with a number of training providers and offers seminars and i-learning modules in the areas of Trade Assurance.
  • AIC Helplines – AIC runs two helplines for the benefit of Full AIC Members and Trade Assurance Participants.

AIC Member Survey 2017

A member survey was carried out by an independent market research company in 2017. The results are presented below:


AIC Member Benefits

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