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Latest News and Docs

Food for Thought - A vision for unlocking the potential of agriculture and the food industry in the EU: 4 June 2014

A coalition of eleven European trade associations has been formed to provide effective lobbying for increased agricultural production in the EU.
This new alliance includes all five of AIC’s European Trade bodies representing our various sectors.

G14-072 Renewable Energy – TASCC & UFAS Adoption as Voluntary Schemes: 17 September 2014

With the EU confirming adoption of the TASCC and UFAS Assurance Schemes as qualifying voluntary schemes under the Renewable Energy Directive  we have moved into the final stages of the process by through which the schemes can be used to meet the requirements of customers in the renewable energy supply chains .   Before scheme participants can begin to be audited under TASCC/ UFAS to this RED requirement, the EU decision must be confirmed through official publication which we expect to happen within the next few weeks.

F14-032 EU Commission proposal for a recasting of the medicated feed legislation: 15 September 2014

On 10 September 2014, the EU Commission approved a proposal for a Regulation on medicated feed replacing Directive 90/167/EEC. FEFAC has advised that the EU Commission proposal ( COM (2014) 556 Annex ) includes the following elements:-

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