Here you will find answers to some common questions about the Trade Assurance Consultant Register.  Select the section for consultant or participant as appropriate. 

FAQs for consultants

What is the Trade Assurance Consultant Register? 

The TACR is designed to help current or potential participants of AICS Trade Assurance schemes connect with professional advice and support by providing a list of consultants and advisers who have relevant knowledge and experience.   The register complements the AIC Academy webpage for training resources. 

Why should I join? 

Joining the TACR shows that you have committed to a professional code of conduct for provision of advice on the AICS Trade Assurance Schemes. It is a means of connecting with scheme participants looking for advice and support and developing your business.  Becoming a member of the TACR also means you will be kept up to date with scheme information and changes, your business details will be listed on the AIC website and you are entitled to use the TACR logo. 

Other benefits are listed here.

Will it help my business? 

The aim of the TACR is to make it simpler for scheme participants to find a consultant.  Clear information listing on the website together with added confidence for participants that the listed advisers have agreed to follow professional standards could attract more clients for your business. 

What do I have to do to join? 

Read the information on the TACR webpages, including the Professional Standards Code.  Complete the application and send it, along with any other information requested, to [email protected].

Once the application form has been reviewed and information accepted, your details will be added to the register on the website and the registration fee invoiced. 

I am a consultant who already has an AIC membership – do I need to join this as well? 

No.  If you are existing AIC individual member, the TACR benefits are available to you at no extra cost. Completion of the application form is still required in order to be listed on the TACR.

Why should I pay for an AIC membership if I can get the information I need from TACR? 

AIC membership provides different and more wide-ranging benefits.  TACR will provide information related to the designated Trade Assurance scheme only.   To compare fully, contact our AIC membership manager [email protected].

How much will it cost? 

The annual subscription fee to join the TACR is £150 + VAT. 

Fees are renewable annually on 1st September.  If joining at any point through the year, a pro rata fee will apply. 

How often is the TACR reviewed? 

The TACR will be reviewed annually as part of the registration renewal process.  It will be updated at regular intervals when additions or removal of consultant details are notified.

Can a business with several consultants join? 

Each consultant must register individually although several consultants with one business name could be registered.  This is because we recognise the different knowledge, skills and experience of individual consultants for the Trade Assurance schemes.  By registering individuals, participants are able to see clearly who are the consultants who can best help them. 

How is my business information controlled? 

The information displayed on the website is that which you supply on the application form including details of your scheme experience, knowledge and contact details. 

Is there someone I can speak to about the TACR? 

Please contact [email protected] in the first instance and you will be directed to the relevant person.

FAQs for scheme participants

Is there a cost for me to use this register? 

No, there is no cost.  It is provided for you by AIC Services to help you source professional advice and guidance about the AIC Trade assurance schemes. 

Do I have to use a consultant to comply with a Trade Assurance scheme? 

No this is up to you.  You may require support on a one-off or on-going basis depending on the type and size of your business or available resources.  The register is there to help you find help if and when you need it. 

Is the Register information up to date? 

The Register relies on information supplied by Consultants.  It is reviewed at least annually and also when new additions or AICS are informed of changes.  

What happens if I use a Consultant from the list and find they do not provide the required service? 

If you decide to use the services of a consultant listed on TACR, then they will have agreed to follow a set of professional rules of conduct.  However AIC Services provides the Trade Assurance Consultant Register as a service to trade assurance participants and does not accept liability for actions of individual persons or businesses listed if the services sourced via the Register are used by scheme participants. Complaints or disputes between consultants and their clients should not be referred to AIC Services. 

If a dispute or complaint against TACR occurs, it will be referred to AIC Services for resolution in the first instance.  For further details see the TACR and AIC Governance responsibilities.