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About the UKFFPA


  • In the UK, over 650,000 tonnes of former foodstuffs are processed and/or handled or sent direct to farm each year to create livestock feed worth £110 million.
  • Products could be classified as waste without effective and safe processing and/or handling or directly delivering to farm.
  • Surplus foodstuffs including out of specification food, potato chips or breakfast cereals that are the wrong size or shape; leftover dough and liquid chocolate, surplus bread collected from retailers and bakeries.
  • The EU and the UK are striving for sustainability and processors are making a vital contribution. 
  • The UKFFPA is an affiliate of the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) Ltd

Setting up the UKFFPA

  • The UKFFPA was set up in 2013 with the support from the Food Standards Agency (FSA)
  • It’s activities at UK level are complementary to those of the European Former Foodstuffs Processors Association (EFFPA) at EU level
  • It represents the former foodstuffs sector as well as safeguarding its activities and promoting its interests on issues affecting its members.

UKFFPA Structure

  • Chairman - Paul Featherstone – also Chairman of the EFPPA
  • Vice Chairman - John Rigby
  • Committee – Members of the association
  • Secretariat - Inge Verwoerd, James McCulloch, AIC/UKFFPA

Who operates UKFFPA?

  • The Agricultural Industries Confederation provides the Secretariat for UKFFPA
  • The Chairman is currently Paul Featherstone , who is also Chairman of the EFFPA
  • Committee members are volunteers who work for companies that produce animal feed from former foodstuffs and supply processed feed materials to feed compounders and/or livestock
  • The Committee meet 2 times a year to discuss matters arising and changes to current legislation and policy 
  • The meetings are co-ordinated by the UKFFPA secretariat who will also provide the working papers for the meetings.

UKFFPA Terms of Reference

78kb PDF

Terms of reference, constitution and rules of the UK Former Foodstuff Processors Association