Current Top Priorities


1. Packaging residue in feed

Despite a de-facto tolerance of 0.15% by weight, the negative impact of packaging in feed (The Guardian article Dec 2018) is still huge. The sector needs to continue to work towards reducing levels of adventitious packaging in its finished product. Most operators in the sector are in the process of improving their processing facilities but due to Covid progress has not been as quick as expected. The association has agreed to change the target date for achieving a new maximum packaging level of 0.05% by weight from 1st April 2022 to 1st April 2023. UKFFPA are monitoring packaging tests undertaken by members to show we are on-route to this target. UKFFPA have agreed alongside the other members of EFFPA to use the Rikilt method as a pan-European standard method. Members are now able to benchmark their ‘quick’ methods against the Rikilt method using a UK laboratory.


2. Permitted use of ruminant collagen and gelatine 

Following the EFSA risk opinion on the potential BSE risk posed using ruminant collagen and gelatine in feed for non-ruminant farmed animals, we will be assessing what advantages would be available to the sector given the potential permitted use of ruminant collagen and gelatine in monogastric feeds.


3. Circular Economy & Sustainability

To promote UKFFPA activities with regard to Circular Economy and Sustainability. The UKFFPA is committed to supporting their members in promoting the benefits of using former foods. This promotion will be based on using the existing animation video together with an updated statement on sustainability.



Current Topics