Suggested further reading

Note that the list is subject to updates:

UK National inventory, 2014 

UK Agriculture GHG Platform, 2019 

AIC document on climate change

Committee on climate change

Greenhouse Gas emissions on British dairy farms 2012

Ammonia mitigation user manual UK 2008

Campaign for the farmed environment  

Tried and Tested, professional nutrient management, 2013 

Catchment sensitive farming; reduce water and air pollution, 2014 

An inventory of mitigation methods, 2011

Catchment Sensitive Farming Adviser Contacts 2020

CFE advisers  

Industry approach to water quality, 2015

BAT for pigs and poultry, 2017

UK and England soil nutrient balances 2016

Nitrate vulnerable zones, England, 2018 

Nitrate vulnerable zones, Wales, 2014 

Nitrate vulnerable zones, Scotland

Nitrate vulnerable zones, N.Ireland, 2015-2018 

Sustainable agriculture land management strategy for N.Ireland 

Useful links - free practical guidance for farmers to support the aims of FAR 

Rumen Up, academic reports for the University of Aberdeen 

Modules 1 & 2 Monogastrics, Pigs


AHDB Pork website  

DEFRA Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (Pigs)  

Red Tractor Pig Standards  

RSPCA Assured Standards

EU Code of good labelling practice for compound feed for food producing animals

AIC website - Animal Feed


Land Use: Policies for a Net Zero UK  

Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR)

Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 – Feed use and marketing

Regulation (EC) No 1830/2003 and 1829/2003 – GM regulations   

Dairy Cow Nutrition

Acidifiers In Animal Nutrition By C Luckstadt (Ed) (2007)

Calf Rearing Guide - Practical & Easy To Use By S.J. Charlton

Redefining Mineral Nutrition By Dr Julie Taylor-Pickard and Dr Lucy Tucker

The FEEDS Directory: Branded Products Guide By W N Ewing 

The FEEDS Directory: Commodity Products By W N Ewing

The FORAGES and PROTEIN CROPS Directory By N Young 

The MINERALS Directory By S J Charlton and Dr W N Ewing

The VITAMINS Directory By S J Charlton and Dr W N Ewing

Cow Signals Checkbook - Pocket Edition - COMING SOON By Jan Hulson

Economics & Milking By Jan Hulsen

Feeding Signals - A practical guide to feeding dairy cows for health and production
By Jan Hulsen, Dries Aerden & Jack Rodenburg

Fertility By Jan Hulsen

From Calf to Heifer By Jan Hulsen and Berrie Klein-Swormink

Grassland Signals By Berrie Klein-Swormink, Nick van Eekeren and Bert Philipsen 

Hooves By Jan Hulsen

Young Stock Signals By Jan Huslen

Amino Acids in Animal Nutrition (2nd Edition) By J.P.F. D'Mello

Animal Nutrition By Philip I Hynd

Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition EAAP 138 By Mario Luiz Chizzotti

Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition 2nd Edition By Michael Bedford and Gary Partridge

Grass for Dairy Cattle By J.H. Churney, D.J.R. Churney

Nitrogen and Phosphorous Nutrition of Cattle By A.Hristov, E.Pfeffer

Phosphorus and Calcium Utilization and Requirements in Farm Animals
By Edited by D M S S Vitti & E Kebreab

Clinical Dairy Cow Nutrition By JM Wilkinson and CE Humphreys

Feeding the Dairy Cow By A T Chamberlain and J M Wilkinson

Gaining the Edge in Ruminant Production By Sylvie Andrieu

Livestock Handling and Transport - 5th Edition
By Edited by world-renowned animal scientist Dr Temple Grandin

Tables of Composition and Nutritional Value of Feed Materials
By D. Sauvant,J.-M. Perez, G. Tran

The Feeding of Ruminants Second Edition By E R Orskov

INRA Feeding System for Ruminants By edited by: INRA

Ruminant formula for The Future: Nutrition or pathology
By Sylvie Andrieu and Helen Warren

Ruminant Physiology 2009 By Y. Chilliard, F. Glasser, Y. Faulconnier, F. Bocquier, I. Veissier and M. Doreau

Phytogenics In Animal Nutrition By Tobias Steiner

FAR Modules 3 & 4:

Climate change

UK Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Platform  

Farming for cleaner water and healthier soil  

Preventing water pollution from your farm  

AHDB slurry wizard  

UK and England soil nutrient balances:

Nutrient Management Guide (RB209)  

Tried & Tested: Professional Nutrient Management 

Tried & Tested Tools:

Nitrates Action programme guidance for England, for Wales, for Scotland and for Northern Ireland – covering management of manures and nutrients applied to land.

Industry Approach to Water Quality

Sustainable Land Management Strategy. Northern Ireland 

EU Best Available Techniques for the intensive rearing of pigs and poultry

Academic reports:

Rumen up

Additional Information for Advisers and Farmers:

Useful links - free practical guidance for farmers in support of the aims of FAR