FAR recognises standards of professionalism within the livestock feed supply sector, which is good news for farming systems and the environment including reducing GHG emissions.

FAR delivers the following benefits:

For the individual adviser

Provide high quality advice to livestock producers, demonstrating professional skills as a member of an important industry initiative and gain personal career development through training the register provides.

For Feed Supply Companies

Independent assurance to farmers and customers that advisers are competent and provide professional feed advice to improve the efficiency of livestock feeding with the benefit of reducing the environmental impact.

For the feed industry

Provides assurance to stakeholders that the industry’s advisers are professionals delivering advice that helps farmers produce quality livestock while taking account of environmental impacts.

For farmers

The knowledge and assurance that they are receiving sound advice from a competent professional to meet the needs of their livestock production system and it considers both production and environmental objectives.

For government and other stakeholders

A recognisable scheme that will play its part in improving the sustainability of livestock production. FAR is a crucial part of the industry’s participation in the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.


You should join if you:

You may wish to join if you:

  • prepare ration plans or provide feeding advice to cattle, sheep, pig or poultry farmers

  • sample forage and advise on feeds to complement it

  • are an in-house nutritionist/commercial nutritionist

  • are a veterinary surgeon giving feed advice

  • are an independent adviser or feed adviser/ nutritionist linked to a machinery or other company offering feed advice

  • are selling a farmer feed ingredients and advising how they fit an overall feed ration

  • are a consultancy business offering independent feeding or feed management advice to livestock farmers

  • are a feed sales specialist

  • offer advice on mineral supplementation

  • sell feed ingredients to a farmer  making up his own feed, but not advising on formulating the finished diet

  • sell silage additives to livestock farmers

  • are a retail seller of animal feed products

  • a livestock farmer preparing or advising on rations to other farmers

See below what some of the registered advisers are saying about the benefits of joining the Register.