Project Deliverables

Assuring feed and food safety, improving levels of fertiliser security and traceability, providing sustainability solutions and more. 

Assuring feed and food safety

Feed & food incidents have reduced and are at low levels due efforts of the feed industry and supported by the feed assurance schemes. The schemes have over 95% market coverage with over 3500 participants. Independent audits are carried out annually by over 40 qualified and trained auditors. The schemes have earned recognition with UK Governments and mutual recognition with other EU feed schemes.

Improving levels of fertiliser security and traceability

Through FIAS the industry has improved levels of fertiliser safety, security and traceability. FIAS is part of the UK response to reduce and eliminate the use of fertilisers in IED’s.

Providing sustainability solutions

We have worked with FEFAC to ensure that International Trade Centre Soya Benchmarking tool meets the requirements of the industry as well as various stakeholder groups. Work in also ongoing in the UK to improve the sourcing of sustainable soy.

Providing a safety framework for seed dressings

The assurance scheme ESTA has provided a framework for seed dressing to be applied safely as well as providing a due diligence defence. This has ensure the continued, safe use of seed dressing for crops.

Feed Advisor Register (FAR)

FAR provides a register for feed advisors that meet criteria in the areas of training, experience and qualifications. FAR contributes to the core competency development of feed advisors as well as taking into account “greenhouse gas emissions” when offering feed advice. The aim of professional feed advice is to ensure nutritionally sound diets as well as reducing GHG emissions.