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DGSA Register Terms of Engagement

AIC Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Register Terms of Engagement

  1. The list is voluntary so as not to contravene the Data Protection Act.
  2. The DSA, SQA and AIC will not be subject to liability from AIC members of AIC Trade Assurance Participants  who are not satisfied with their chosen DGSA from the list.  Although AIC will ensure the DGSA has a current, valid certificate, the member/ trade assurance participant will need to ascertain the quality of the DGSA for themselves.
  3. The participant should have passed a relevant DGSA qualification (see links below).
    - SQA website
    - Business Link website
  4. The first year is free.  However, the DGSA will pay an annual fee of £50 annum to AIC. This covers the registration to the DGSA register and a number of relevant newsletters every year.
    These will include the following:
    - Business Insight
    - UFAS update
    - TASCCforce
    - FIAS update
  5. If for whatever reason the DGSA does perform to a members expectations, there will be a mechanism for withdrawing the DGSA.
    Examples of reasons for DGSA withdrawal will be:
    - Expiry of DGSA certificate.
    - Advising AIC members when not qualified in the specific area of ADR.
    - Complaints from members of poor advice following a full investigation.
  6. The register would be open to Members and Trade Association participants only.  The register aims to facilitate the location of DGSA's by AIC member companies and trade assurance participants. The register will have various disclaimers to ensure there is limited liability in this area.