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Food Supply in the Balance

The farming industry faces many challenges, particularly regulatory pressures which may affect the industry’s ability to meet a growing demand for food. The potential cumulative impact of these regulatory pressures could undermine the industry from achieving the intensification element of ‘Sustainable Intensification’. Therefore, the Board of the AIC has approved a project to assess the threats to food production as a whole, whilst also identifying opportunities for progress. The video below hopes to communicate the magnitude of these strategic issues.    

Whilst the project is in the early stages of development, work is being undertaken by the team at AIC to gather evidence demonstrating the impact of limiting factors and opportunities on food production, as part of a wider strategy to change decision-making at the European level. At a time when the European Commission and UK governments are focused on innovation in agri-technology and reviewing legislation, this project is very timely and relevant.    

The industry faces a significant number of threats with the potential to impact the entire chain, stretching from input supplier to farmer, and ultimately to the consumer. As the project develops and evolves the message to policy-makers needs to be clear, in that to meet the growing demand for food the industry needs regulation that does not stifle innovative solutions or efficient production.    

If you have any queries regarding the ‘Opportunities and threats to food production' project please contact (01733 385271).

David Caffall at the Oxford Farming Conference January 2015

Food Supply in the Balance

1308kb PDF

A study to assess the opportunities and threats to UK agriculture

David Caffall Oxford 2015 - Speech

502kb PDF

Food Supply in the Balance: Opportunities and Threats to Production