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Campaign for the Farmed Environment

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The Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) encourages farmers and land managers across England to protect and enhance the environmental value of farmland, through environmental measures that sit alongside productive agriculture. The CFE is a true partnership approach, supported by many organisations committed to both agriculture and the environment (AIC, AICC, CAAV, CLA, Defra, Environment Agency, GWCT, LEAF, Natural England, NFU and RSPB). The partners recognise the importance of managing the farmed environment. CFE now collaborates with other voluntary industry-led initiatives (Greenhouse Gas Action Plan, Tried & Tested and The Voluntary Initiative) to demonstrate how the industry collectively takes responsibility for achieving environmental benefit alongside profitable farming.

From 2013, CFE is asking farmers and land managers to retain and improve the condition of areas of land managed for the environment. The CFE has a range of voluntary measures for farmers and land managers to put in place on farms, which fit with current farm practices. And CFE will help farmers and land managers choose the right environmental measures, put them in the right place and manage them in the right way - to protect soil and water, and benefit wildlife. Advisers and agronomists continue to play a vital role in delivering clear and consistent advice. Their expertise and understanding of specific local issues helps tailor environmental management to suit each farming business. Resources for agronomists and advisers below.

CFE online training module for professional advisers

Professional advisers have the opportunity to test and update their knowledge on the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) by undertaking the CFE online training module.

The updated training takes around 20 minutes to complete and has been awarded 4 BASIS points, provided that the 80% pass mark is achieved. The module is split into four different sections - whereby each section is followed by a set of questions. The sections are as follows:

  • Section A: General CFE
  • Section B: Farm wildlife (farmland birds)
  • Section C: Farm wildlife (invertebrates and mammals)
  • Section D: Resource protection (soils and water)


CFE History


ResourcesThe CFE has developed advice materials which professional advisers can make use of when advising farmers on voluntary management.


CFE Grassland leaflet

588kb PDF

Conservation management advice for your livestock business

CFE Arable Leaflet 2013

1864kb PDF

Conservation management advice for your arable business


232kb PDF

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    The Campaign gives everyone in farming an opportunity to voluntarily do their bit for the environment. Unless everybody participates, we could face the burden of regulation and compulsory requirement to actively manage 6% or more set-aside land.