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Sector Achievements


  • Helped secure future of ammonium nitrate based fertiliser products in UK;
  • Set up Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS);
  • Secured flexibility to use fertiliser according to crop requirement in NVZs;
  • Secured seat on Defra's Rural Climate Change Forum;
  • Published high profile report Part of the Solution:
  • Direct line into the independent Committee on Climate Change;
  • Advised members on compliance with EU and UK fertiliser legislation, REACH and CLP Regulations;
  • Advised Defra on revision of RB209 Fertiliser Recommendations;
  • Advised Defra on England and Wales adoption of EC Fertiliser Regulation;
  • Conducted trials and modelling work on storage of AN based fertilisers on asphalt flooring;
  • Secured HSE agreement for continued use of asphalt flooring on which to store AN;
  • Updated model fertiliser safety data sheets to comply with REACH/CLP
  • Published model fertiliser contract;
  • Prepared Guidance on Safe Storage of Fertilisers;
  • Published British Survey of Fertiliser Practice and Annual Statistics Reports.


  • Provision of advice to EU Commission on extension of security/traceability scheme across EU;
  • Participation in major revision of EU Fertiliser Regulation;
  • Revision of GB Fertiliser Regulations 1991;
  • Implementation of Globally Harmonised System; 
  • Continued advice to members on compliance with REACH
  • Continued dialogue on improving AN security;
  • Management of UK FIAS Scheme;
  • Revision of UN transport regulations;
  • Revision of Seveso Storage Regulations; 
  • Preparation of Safe Stacking Guidance;
  • Preparation of Guidance on disposing of DRT failed material;
  • Revision of IMO BC Code
  • Participation at IFA, Fertilizers Europe and IFS  conferences

AIC has a seat on the following Committees

  • EU Working Groups responsible for revision of EU Fert Regs;
  • Explosives Precursors Committee;
  • All Fertilizers Europe (formerly EFMA) Committees;
  • European Fertilizer Blenders Association Committee;
  • UK Working Group on Secure Loading of Fertiliser;
  • Agricultural Lime Association Council;
  • FIAS Steering Group;
  • FIAS Working Group;
  • BSI Fertiliser Standards Committee; 
  • AIC advises and sometimes accompanies the Defra representative to meetings of the EU Fertilizer Technical Working Group.

Updated April 2012