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Tried & Tested

"Tried & Tested" aims to raise standards in professional nutrient management on farm.  It provides a central point for farmers to access information, tools, publications and links to the professional advisory services. 

All information is produced ‘by the industry for the industry’ and is based on industry-wide consensus.  AIC is one of the founder partners of Tried & Tested and a contributor to all its activities.  Funding is provided by the Catchment Sensitive Farming initiative.

Full details of fellow partners, supporters and progress to date, can be accessed through the main website:

There is an accompanying video to the Feed Planning for Cattle and Sheep publication, listed below.

Tried & Tested Nutrient Management Plan

557kb PDF

Nutrient Management Plan
Created by the industry, for the industry

Tried & Tested guide, Feed Planning for Cattle and Sheep

1591kb PDF

This guide, along with the other Tried & Tested publications, can help farmers fully integrate their use of manure, fertilisers and feeds into a more complete whole-farm nutrient plan.

There is a real win:win to be gained by balancing nutrient input to nutrient use on farm; costs can be reduced and gains made from improving efficiency.

Tried & Tested SNS Calculator 2013

1107kb XLSM

The Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS) Index is an indicator of the soils capacity to supply N to a crop in the absence of applied fertilisers. The more N the soil can supply, the less fertiliser N needs to be applied.