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For farm advisers

For access to Industry progress reviews and also reports on soil analysis by the Professional Agricultural Analysis Group (PAAG) click Industry progress reviews and reports from soil labs.

Climate Change Report by AIC, NFU and CLA: Part of the Solution

2330kb PDF

Part of the Solution
Report of the joint NFU/CLA/AIC Climate Change Task Force
Climate Change, Agriculture and Land Management

FACTS - Using-fertilisers?

194kb PDF

...then you need professional advice
from an FQA - a FACTS Qualified Adviser

Keep your Fertiliser Secure and out of Sight

3676kb PDF

NaCTSO Fertiliser Security Five Point Plan for securing fertilisers on farm.

Phosphorus in Agriculture and in Relation to Water Quality

765kb PDF

In the context of discussions concerning levels of phosphorus in
surface waters, the AIC considers that a clear understanding of the science behind the potential for transfer of the proportion of phosphorus derived from farmed land to water is

Latest recommendations for managing phosphorus in agriculture

803kb PDF

The following is a list of recommendations relating to the use of P in agriculture that are
applicable to both the use of fertilisers and organic manures.

Fertiliser Spreader Manual

842kb PDF

Choosing, maintaining & using