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New legislation in draft or under consideration

(Draft due spring 2015)

The European Commission is considering new legislation to cover all fertilisers in the EU.

AIC Summary:

  • There was strong interest among member states/ stakeholders to fully harmonise the market, create a level playing field and impose tighter restrictions on some waste materials that were being marketed as fertilisers. 
  • Others reasons to revise the existing legislation included: the need to reduce the administrative burdens on member states, provide more flexibility to introduce new products and speed up the designation process. 
  • Four stakeholder working groups had been set up to discuss the proposed changes to the legislation. AIC had been given a seat on two of the WGs and had been a corresponding member of the other two. 
  • Widely diverging views had been expressed on a number of issues, including the setting of mandatory ceilings on heavy metals. However, these were brainstorming meetings only. The groups had no regulatory powers. 
  • There appeared to be a consensus that the Regulation should be expanded to cover organic and organo-mineral materials, soil improvers, growing media and bio-stimulants. 

Update: The Commission is currently considering all the comments/proposals and is preparing a regulatory impact assessment, which it is anticipated will be issued in late 2014/early 2015, together with a revised draft Regulation. This will pass to the EU Council and Parliament for further debate, before being implemented in 2016/17. A presentation on the conclusions of the Working Groups and the outline thinking of the Commission is below.

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