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About the Crop Protection Sector

Our Objectives

The aim of the crop protection sector is to look after the interests of AIC member companies within the agri supply industry. This is achieved by the sector through following a number of objectives including :

  • Establish an effective working relationship with appropriate personnel within Government organisations, NGO's and anti pesticide groups to promote AIC and the activity of AIC members
  • Ensure members interests are represented in consultation responses and that new legislation has least adverse effect on members businesses.
  • Ensure members have the information to address public concerns around agrochemical usage and promote the benefits of integrated farming
  • Promote best practice with regard to pesticide storage, distribution and usage
  • Ensure members have up to the minute information on issues likely to affect their businesses


The AIC provides a united voice for the sector which is represented at both UK and European Government level.  Our work and commitment in the sector provides the following key benefits to our members:

  • UK and EU legislation and guidelines reflect the conditions and needs of the Agronomy and Crop Protection Sector
  • Members interests are served by a dedicated AIC staff member, with the ability to draw on industry experts when appropriate. This releases members resources and  reduces duplication amongst members.
  • Having up to date information on new and forth coming legislation allows businesses to adapt at least cost and operate within legal requirements.
  • A united voice for the sector leads to more effective lobbying than numerous individual responses

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the Crop Protection sector please follow the links in the menu to the left which will provide extensive information on our structure, members and current activities.

Hazel Doonan, the sector head, is based at AIC Head Office, Peterborough and is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the crop protection sector and can be contacted on the following email address :