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The UK Former Foodstuffs Processors Association

Introducing the UK Former Foodstuffs Processors Association

In the UK, over 650,000 tonnes of former foodstuffs are processed each year to create livestock feed worth some £110million. Without safe, effective processing, this material such as biscuits and bread could be classed as waste and destined for landfill.

As the European Union and UK governments strive for more sustainable food consumption and production, processors are making a vital contribution.

The newly formed UK Former Foodstuffs Processors Association (UKFFPA) will provide a focal point for informing stakeholders, lobbying for an effective regulatory framework and ensuring the sector operates to the highest professional standards.

Paul Featherstone - Chairman,  UKFFPA"The EU feed and food industries are covered by extensive legislation designed to ensure the food we eat is safe. As this legislation develops the challenge for the businesses within the various sectors is to ensure that both existing and proposed regulations are both proportionate as well as pragmatic.

The UK Former Foodstuffs Processors Association is a classic example of an industry sector – which has so much to offer to current policy drivers – and will deliver real benefi ts. UKFFPA is an associate of the Agricultural Industries Confederation which, for a decade, has shown what can be achieved with a strong concerted voice in the corridors of power and infl uence in Westminster, Cardiff, Holyrood, Stormont and, of course, Brussels.

These pages set out the case for UKFFPA, why it was formed and what it intends to do. It is backed by the major processors and I thank them for their commitment and backing. We now look to encouraging others to join our Association, so that we speak on behalf of the whole industry that can play an important role in helping governments to achieve significant value from foodstuffs that otherwise could go to waste. “

Paul Featherstone
Chairman, UKFFPA


Why do we need the UKFFPA?

Across Europe, all feed businesses are within the scope of very comprehensive EU food and feed safety legislation.*

In addition, the feed industry has developed comprehensive feed assurance schemes. In the UK this includes: Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS); Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS); and Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC). These schemes maintain safety in the feed and food chain and assist in compliance with relevant EU feed safety legislation.

On the horizon are further legislative developments including:

  • EU Food Waste Strategy;
  • tolerance for packaging residues;
  • legal definition of former foodstuffs and ensuring such materials fall outside the Waste Framework Directive. 

Given the importance of former foodstuffs, the leading processors have joined forces to give this vital part of the feed sector its own strong voice by forming UKFFPA.

*Relevant current feed legislation includes: TSE Regulation 999/2001; General Principles of Food and Feed Law 178/2002; Marketing and Use of Feed Regulation 767/2009; Feed Hygiene Regulation183/2005; Animal By-Products Regulation1069/2009; and Directive 2002/32 on Undesirable Substances. 


What will UKFFPA do?

UKFFPA operates under five key terms of reference:

  1. To offer leadership to members in areas where the industry has strategic business interests;
  2. to represent the sector in negotiations/discussions with national and international stakeholders;
  3. to provide comment/feedback to UK and international authorities and stakeholders;
  4. to represent, defend and promote the interests of the former foodstuff processing industry to UK institutions and stakeholders;
  5. to lobby for a legislative framework and its implementation, without discrimination within the UK, so as to safely maximise the use of food.

The Association was set up at the end of 2013 with the full support of the Food Standards Agency. During the first half of 2014 UKFFPA aims to meet all relevant Government departments and stakeholders.

At EU level, the EU Commission encouraged the setting up of the European Former Foodstuffs Processors Association (EFFPA) which the European Feed Manufacturers Federation (FEFAC) achieved in 2013.


Who can be a member?

UKFFPA has been formed and has 12 members that, between them, are responsible for processing the majority of the former foodstuffs that are predominately used by the UK livestock industry. However, membership is open to all businesses operating in the sector who belong to a recognised feed assurance scheme. Non-members are welcome to attend a UKFFPA meeting as an observer.


Why should my organisation join?

Key benefits of membership include:

  1. Involvement in developing future strategy;
  2. negotiating with Government offi cials on both current and proposed legislation affecting the sector;
  3. participating in debate on matters of mutual interest with national and international stakeholders;
  4. providing comment/feedback to UK and international authorities and stakeholders
  5. defending and promoting the interests of the industry to UK institutions and stakeholders. 
    In addition, member companies can gain more insight by engaging in work of the committee that runs the Association. Who will operate UKFFPA?


How do I find out more?


The Agricultural Industries Confederation will provide the secretariat for UKFFPA.

UKFFPA is an affiliate of the Agricultural Industries Confederation AIC.