18 Jun 2020

The Agriculture Act 1970 - Animal Feed

Part IV of this Act includes general provisions enabling controls on the manufacture, marketing and use of feedingstuffs and making of provisions concerning the sampling and analysis of feedingstuffs.

Part IV of this Act formerly regulated the preparation and sale of animal feeding stuffs but much of it has been disapplied because it now overlaps, repeats or conflicts with directly applicable EU measures. Those provisions of Part IV which still apply mainly concern the sampling and analysis of feedingstuffs and the control and enforcement of these rules by the relevant authorities. 

The Act also contains general powers enabling the Secretary of State to make Regulations to control the manufacture, marketing and use of feeding stuffs, including provisions to implement or enforce EU law on animal feed. 

In Great Britain (i.e., England, Scotland and Wales), enforcement is mainly the responsibility of local authority trading standards officers; in Northern Ireland, enforcement is the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.