18 Jul 2022
by Simon Williams

GMP+ International certificates from Bureau Veritas Inspection and Certification The Netherlands B.V. no longer valid


GMP+ International is advising to check the validity of certificates following the non-renewal of their contract with Bureau Veritas Inspection and Certification The Netherlands B.V., which expired on the 15th July. All participants certified by Bureau Veritas were given 6 months' notice to seek an alternative certification body, and a list of those that have not done so has been published on the GMP + website.


Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Technical Manager, AIC Services

Simon Williams is Technical Manager for AIC Services. He is based at AIC Head Office, Peterborough and is responsible for the management and coordination of the FEMAS and UFAS assurance schemes as well as being the key contact for mutual recognition with European scheme owners and managing Earned Recognition relationships with UK feed and food competent authorities.

Previous to his role with AIC, Simon was employed in a variety of technical roles in the food industry covering primary and further processing of meat, breakfast cereals and a product technologist role with a major retailer.

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