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Article 50 must be ‘starting gun’ for dual dialogue – AIC

29 March 2017

With Article 50 now triggered, the Agricultural Industries Confederation supports the UK Government’s determination that trade negotiations need to commence alongside the exit debate to avoid jeopardising Britain’s vital food and farming industries.

Failure to address future trade arrangements, at an early stage, could undo all the good that has been achieved in recent years in terms of the assurance of food and animal feed safety and quality throughout supply chains in recent years.

“Without clarity on future trade, UK agriculture could become one of the most significantly affected areas of the British economy,” says AIC’s Head of Policy, Paul Rooke. “It could put at risk all the systems that have been developed over the past decade or more to deliver the assurance, traceability and high standards that the UK public has demanded.”

AIC will not only lobby with the UK negotiating teams, but will also look to its counterpart trade associations, within the EU, to add their voices within the EU on the need to maintain standards across the continent.


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