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AIC welcomes removal of potential restriction on maleic hydrazide

24 July 2019

AIC has welcomed a decision by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) to withdraw a specific provision to prevent potatoes, treated with maleic hydrazide (MH), from being fed to livestock as good news for the livestock feed industry, agronomy businesses as well as potato producers, processors and packers.

The move overturns a potential ban on using potatoes, and co-products from potatoes, which had been treated with MH, as a feed material for livestock.
Having reviewed data CRD has informed AIC that such a restriction in not appropriate. HSE has further amended relevant product authorisations to remove the livestock feeding restriction with immediate effect.

“This is a really important move for both those who grow potatoes, those who pack and process them and for livestock farmers who value potatoes for stockfeed,” said Hazel Doonan, Head of AIC’s crop protection sector.

AIC worked together with its associate, UK Former Foodstuffs Processors Association and with other industry stakeholders to achieve this decision. ‘’AIC and UKFFPA have been pleased to be part of an effective industry stakeholder alliance which has contributed greatly to today’s positive outcome.’’ Said James McCulloch, Head of feed sector at AIC

To avoid confusion in the market place, AIC – a trade association representing both plant protection product distributors as well as livestock feed manufacturers and distributors – is asking the approval holders to provide over-labels for MH stocks currently in store that carry the feeding restriction on their labels.


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