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AIC supports integrated thinking in the new Climate Change Committee (CCC) report

24 January 2020

Jane Salter, AIC Head of Environment, present at the launch of the report, was keen to welcome and support the direction and intentions of this report.  “We must however turn down the volume on the general debate which pitches farming against climate change, and look at the value of UK farming and land use in becoming more resilient to climate change and the opportunity for farmers to grow carbon – a crop they didn’t know they had”

The report sets out the priorities for action to ensure that agriculture and land use combined can reduce overall carbon emissions by 2/3rds by 2050:

  • Tree planting in forests (additional 4% minimum) and on farms
  • Low carbon farming and increasing productivity – growing hand in hand
  • Peat restoration and management
  • Creation of on-farm bioenergy
  • Reduction in food waste and diet change

AIC hugely respects the level of broad thinking that has gone into the CCC Land Use report and the leadership that Lord Deban and the team are giving Government. “We have been preparing for these recommendations for some time, starting with our commitment to be part of the solution, which we first signed with the NFU and CLA in 2009”, comments Mrs Salter.

We understand, thanks to our joint work with the academics and CCC analysts that the recommendations are largely sound and balanced in concept if not in precise detail but that is industry’s role in getting the delivery right, against a supportive legislative backdrop”.  

AIC recognises that feeding crops and feeding animals is one of the biggest contributing factors to farm greenhouse gas emissions and while the agri-supply industry working with farmers have lowered emissions of products and use by over 30% in the past 30 years there is still scope, and a significant need, to do more.

“The role of good advice on farm to drive this change cannot be underestimated”, continues Mrs Salter, “and the network of 5,000 qualified trade and farm advisers, including AIC members, who are on farm day-in and day-out are well positioned to facilitate this ambition”.

“It was clear from today that there is a huge opportunity to get the story straight”, concludes Mrs Salter, “to recognise the value of the relative reliability of UK soils, production systems, welfare standards and environmental ambitions whilst challenging the industry as a whole to build on its strong foundations to provide a sustainable farming and food sector.


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