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Working with Industry, for the industry

AIC works to support a modern, sustainable, commercial agriculture and create conditions that enable members to operate successfully and legally in an environment of ever-increasing legislation.

Members are fully involved in all our business processes and enjoy a full range of benefits. 

Member Benefits

  • Lobbying and political representation
  • Regular Information tailored to your business 
  • Policy advice and guidance 
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Technical and business support 
  • Trade Assurance Schemes 
  • AIC Business Insight
  • AIC Insurance schemes 
  • i-Learning 

Member Briefings

Latest news about current technical, commercial or legislative issues in each sector, are emailed on a regular basis to member companies. These are for full members only and are password protected.

Member Register

A register of all AIC current members is available on our website. This facility is password protected and only available to Full AIC members.

Member Helplines

AIC provides two helplines for the benefit of Full AIC members and Trade Assurance Participants offering help and support at any time.


AIC Journal Quarter 4 2015

1239kb PDF

Page 4 Agribusiness 2016 report
– Shaping European priorities
– Driving forward AgriTech
– Brazilian opportunity to engage
Page 7 New APP from AIC
Page 8 New Year, New Assurance Codes

AIC Adding Value 2015

1199kb PDF

Working in support of modern, sustainable, commercial agriculture.
Adding Value is not merely the title of this publication, it is the ethos of your Confederation.

Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15

4645kb PDF

Report and consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 January 2015

10@10 AIC

2923kb PDF

5 key areas of achievement, 5 future priorities
Adds up to 10 key areas for over 10 years for the Agricultural Industries Confederation

Food Supply in the Balance

1308kb PDF

A study to assess the opportunities and threats to UK agriculture

Value of Advice Project - Report

1654kb PDF

Addressing individual business needs: supporting sustainable farming systems

Election 2015 – AIC Expectations

317kb PDF

The AIC looks to the next UK Government to support a growth agenda