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Technical and Business Support

AIC offers a range of additional service to Members and Trade Assurance Participants in the following areas :

AIC Business Insight
Keep up-to-date and protect your business by using this service to find out the latest news, features and factsheets on employment and health and safety legislation.

AIC Helplines
AIC has two helplines: AIC Legal Helpline and AIC Trade Assurance Scheme Helpline. They are a key benefit to AIC Members and Trade Assurance Participants and help the industry meet the increasing need for accurate legal and technical information.

AIC Trade Assurance
The aim of the Trade Assurance Schemes: ESTA, FEMAS, FIAS, TASCC and UFAS is to provide participant companies with a level of assurance that meets legal and common industry requirements. 

AIC Contracts
AIC currently provides a variety of trading contracts for members.

AIC Arbitration
The facilities of arbitration are available to Members (and contract licencees) of AIC, NFU and NFUS for resolving disputes in the trade.

AIC Insurance
AIC runs a number of insurance schemes which are offered at a preferential rate for our Members.

AIC Training
AIC runs a number of training course in the areas of Trade Assurance. The main areas covered are the application of UFAS, TASCC, FEMAS and FIAS.